Great, strong and new!

Eleven artists and tourism developers from Estonia, Germany, Denmark and Sweden participated in a three day long workshop organized by the Leader Project Hotspot Kölleröd 2.0. Act Art for Tourism.

Day one: Location was Pärups bygdegård . Exercises made participants familiar with method, philosophy, the place and each other. Indoors and outdoors.



Day two: Location Östra Sallerup. Park of  historical interest.  
Participants worked in groups using what they had learnt about methods that suit our purpose.




Day three: Summing up and confirming plans for the future, dealing with continous education, and networking platform for future guides and teachers.

Notes from ”homework”:

– What have we done?
- How can this be useful for tourism?
- What places have I to work on?

Katharina: Great. Strong. New. Traditional guides can learn from ActArtguides.

Josephine: Small things get big. Big things get small. Wants to guide in the City Hall of Copenhagen.

Eve: A new thing. Opens up. Gives lot of possibilities. Colourful. Differences are positive.

Staffan: New possibilities. Ideas on Ale stenar and on Bankers, from ww2. Wants us to make a lightinstallation this automn

Sigrid: Homepage. Will tell her group Kunstklima. Has got more ideas. 
Åse: Themes were, Focus, Play and Knowledge. Useful. Has ideas of places to work on i Höör.

Ruth: A part of me has returned. Loves interacting in nature. Ideas of places.

Torsten: Useful. Will coorporate with others.
Alide: Brings art closer to people. Activities in nature. Humour.

Kairi: Advantage beeing from different countries. Creativity opens up. Easy to come close.


Comments after last pairwork on these three questions:

1) How does our vision sound to you?

2) Will you engage in realizing the vision?

3) How will you start when you come home?

Act Art points out attractions through experiment and laborations. Act art points out sleeping attractions.

Everyone in the group wants to engage. We will brand Act Art for Tourism. We will look for funding. We will keep contact with Malmö Högskola and Visual Communication.
The group connects for future through Eva O and Eva G who will come and visit. Hopefully also Lisa. We make the education together by new examples. Participants write about experiments they make.