act art meetings in Estonia and Germany



Our hosts in Estonia, Kairi Orgusaar and Alide Zvovorski met us in Tallin. They guided us around, first to  KOMU the modern art museum, then to the old town, beautifully surrounded by the ancient wall with its towers.


Late afternoon we arrived at TAKKK Tammiku  Center for Contemporary Art. Alide is the leader there, she and her husband have built it inside the ruins of an old manor house. This was the place where our conference shuold take place, and also the place where we project leaders stayed.


Next day already the building looked like the Estonian Institution for act art Guides.




We talked a little, but mostly Lisa Tegmar conducted some exercises, which showed the participants how act art guidning  can be understood.


What do your other senses tell, when the dominant seeing is not available?


What images were extemly strong, when you had examined the surroundings with ” the third  eye”?


What is so magic about this tree?


Kairi and Margit told us the most astonishing facts!


As did Aare and Laura.



Inna Laahnuts is one of our new connections who has an extensive network in the public sector. She, and Ingrid Poldemaa from HEAK will soon have a meeting with Alide and Kairi, for future plans.


Our last day, we spent beeing guided by Margit, Margit, Inna, Alide and Kairi to special places, of which this well was maybe the most spectacular. We could have stayed the whole day deep into that forest, just to se forms of the turquise colour  constantly change.


In Germany, our hosts were Sigrid Nolte and Ruth Bleaky Thiessen. The venue was Das Alte Raathaus in Garding, situated on the peninsula Eiderstedt far north.



First exercise resulted in portraits. Closely one of Daniel Meyer from Nordsee Tourismus, who also sponsered the event.



Same exercises as in Tamikku, but this time in a park.


What would act art guiding mean to this region? What would it mean to us personally? Here Horst-Walter Roth, Silke Lazarevic and Ruth dive deeply into these questions. Horst- Walter representing the public sphere, Silke and Ruth artists organisations like Gedok, Bak, Bbk and Glk.


Here Swantje Jensen, Nordsee Tourismus, Werner Hajek and Sigrid.



In the evening we went for a long walk at the beach, where tide and flood create a special biosphere the Wattenmeer National Park.


The Eiderstedt peninsula has 16 million day visitors a year, and 2 million who stay at least one night. Many come from Hamburg which is about two hours away by car or train. It is extremly ineresting to see all products that touristic entrepreneurs have developed here. One of our participants, Helga Scharmer- Marteus belonged to Husum Naturreleben wich guide people into exciting nature experiences. We were also told about this park for children and their families, Mars Skipper Hof Erfahrungsfeld. It could be built absolutely at any place!


Good bye for now. Next meetings will be in Sweden and Denmark, and then hopefully the following part of our jurney together will start.