Act Art for Tourism


Act Art Guiding offers the tourist playful and experimental approach to a destination. The experience creates presence in interacting with others, and it contrasts modern computerised workday. On this page you can read about an international process aiming at educating Act Art Guides worldwide .

The process started as a Leader Project ”Hotspot Kölleröd 2.0 Act Art for Tourism” January 2014 – December 2014. It formed an international platform consisting of a group of artists and tourism sector developers, sharing the same vision. Main purpose of the project was building an international network where all together contribute to the development of tourism by realizing Act Art Guidning as a future product. Follow our achievements here and at FaceBook!

SWEDEN April 2014Pilot workshop was conducted by artist and Act Art pedagog Lisa Tegmar. The participants from Sweden, Germany, Denmark and Estonia got a practical introduction to the Act Art method and philosophy. Afterwards all discussed what Act Art can add to tourism, maybe especially in areas with yet undiscovered potential. See short  film!


ESTONIA September 2014 ( Estonian meeting).


GERMANY September 2014 ( German meeting).


SWEDEN November 2014. ( Swedish meeting).


SWEDEN 2016. Act Art inspiration at ARNA



Article May 2014 Swedish Newspaper.

Article June 2014 Swedish Cultural Magazine.

Article  2014 in German newspaper.

Blog  2014 on the webpage of Nordsee Tourismus.


Participants in Pilot Workshop April 2014:

Josephine Ernst (Denmark)
Torsten Sletskov (Denmark) Eventplanner. Tourism and business.
Eve Hintsov (Estonia) Leather artist
Kairi Orgusaar (Estonia)
Alide Zvorovski (Estonia)
Ruth Bleaky-Thiessen (Germany)
Sigrid Nolte (Germany)
Katarina Trabert (Germany)
Åse Alexandersson (Sweden)
Staffan Håkansson (Sweden)
Susanne Wendt  (Sweden)

The film was made by  Thomas Claesson, Linus Lindborg – Persson and Måns Mårtensson, students at Malmö Högskola.

Leaders:Lisa Tegmar an artist and Act Art pedagog with many years of inspiring conducting of groups in this field. Project Managers are Eva Grip, +46733861966,  eva.grip (at ), and Eva Omagbemi, eva.omagbemi ( at ) .

The Leader projects HOTSPOT Kölleröd and HOTSPOT Kölleröd 2.0 market and contribute to the development of values in nature and culture within ten kilometres radius from the little village Kölleröd.